Your Quick Guide To Injectable Wrinkle Fillers!

Today, there are numerous procedures and treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, and one of them is injectable wrinkle fillers. Also known as derma fillers, injectable wrinkle fillers are meant to offer a more youthful appearance to the skin instantly. Here are some of the facts worth knowing. 

Hyaluronic acid – the best choice

There are varied kinds of derma fillers in the market today, but the most popular one is certainly hyaluronic acid. The body produces hyaluronic acid naturally. As we age, the level of hyaluronic acid starts to drop, and thereby, the skin loses its elasticity considerably. Hyaluronic acid almost looks like a gel, and its main function in the body is to lubricate and retain water. Replacing hyaluronic acid with injections helps in correcting fine lines and wrinkles.

The process

Injectable wrinkle fillers offer an instant uplift for the face. This is also one of the cost-effective procedures as compared to facelift treatments. The filler containing hyaluronic acid is injected to the targeted area using fine needles, and the procedure is completed in just 30 minutes. However, if an anesthetic agent is used on the skin, it may take a tad longer. The practitioner may choose to massage the area to mold the filler as required. The benefits of the treatment last for about four months to a year, depending on the area being treated. Also, most people react differently to derma fillers. If you are interested in the procedure, you need to first find a acides hyaluroniques médecin injecteur, who can offer better insight on the treatment and what you can expect of it.

What about the side effects?

Facial injections may have a few side effects, such as swelling and redness at the injection site. The filler may look bumps on the skin, but these are minor concerns that fade with time. It is important that you choose a reliable and known clinic for the procedure, so that these side effects are minimized at the hands of an experienced practitioner.

It should be noted that Botox injections and derma fillers are not the same. The results vary from person to person, and in most cases, your doctor will explain the concerned risks, especially if you have other skin problems. The cost can vary, given that the treatment must be repeated after a few months or a year. Check online to find a cosmetic treatment clinic near you!