Why Visit your Dentist Every Six Months

Perhaps you have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit another appointment into your day. Keep in mind that your dentist plays an essential role in maintaining your dental health. It is imperative to keep a regular six-month visit to keep your teeth and gums in top shape. According to the American Dental Association, you should see your dentist and dental hygienist at least a couple of times every year. Here are the reasons why you should do this.

Early Tooth Decay Diagnosis

Your main reason to visit your dentist on a regular basis is to avoid dental problems like gum issues and tooth decay. Such issues can be minor at first; however, they can result in more serious and even big dental concerns when they aren’t addressed early.


Clean Teeth

You may be work hard to brush and floss two times a day. Sometimes, this is not enough to ensure proper oral hygiene and health. It is imperative to brush your teeth and floss them the right way. Your dental hygienist can demonstrate the right way to brush. These professionals are trained to help you how to brush effectively and maintain your dental health. To improve your appearance, you will want to have a healthy set of teeth. Your hygienist will clean your teeth up by taking away tartar or dental plaque while giving suggestions on your oral health routine every day.

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Diagnoses of Serious Dental Disorder

Statistics shows that around 30,000 Americans suffer from oral cancer every year. Luckily, early diagnosis of dental illnesses like oral cancer can help in saving your life. An oral cancer screening will be conducted by your dentist during your regular six-month visit. Oral cancer can spread pretty quickly; however, can be countered easily when detected early

Gum Disease

Some nutritional habits are likely to result in gum disease that can expose healthy teeth to serious ailments like tooth loss. Visiting your Bethesda MD dentist regularly will allow him to diagnose gum issues early on. A number of gum problems can be reversed when caught spotted early enough.


When you ignore dental issues, you allow them to spread and become more severe. Proper teeth and gums care will keep them healthier forever. Schedule an appointment with your dentist when it has been six months since your last. Latest medical studies have associated a number of major disorders to gum disease. They have claimed that dental disease may contribute to pancreatic cancer, stroke and heart disease.