When and Why is the Health Check before Moving Abroad Useful?

There are many laws, formalities, and deadlines that you have to consider when moving abroad. What do you have to pay attention to? Already familiar with a list of key points to consider in such a project, today, the health check in the foreground. Depending on which country you are moving to, a Canada immigration medical exam can make lots of sense.

This is mainly because health care is not as good in all countries worldwide as it is in much of Europe. Also, certain diseases are particularly prevalent in other countries and against which your immune system is less resistant than that of the natives. As you can see, many reasons for a health check speak before your imminent move abroad!

What Speaks for the Health Check?

Find a new apartment abroad, pack boxes, make travel plans, organize a visa and book the transport of your furniture – you have enough to do, right? Why should you add a medical check-up to your To-Dos list at this stressful time? Depending on your destination country, a health check may even be compulsory, so that you will even receive a visa for entry or a work permit for your new, foreign home.

But even if this compulsion of a health check doesn’t exist, you should seriously consider a check-up as a prospective emigrant.

When does the Visit to the Doctor Make Sense?

A doctor’s visit just before the move is recommended, for example, if you absolutely need a new prescription for the anti-baby pill, much-needed heart medication or other medicines that you take regularly. In this context, you should also clarify with your doctor, to what extent the drug is available abroad at all and what alternatives your doctor can recommend you.

Keep in mind that some medicines that are approved in Canada could cause problems when entering other countries. This is the case, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, where there is a long list of drug ingredients that are banned from entry into the country. For safety reasons, you should, therefore, consult with your doctor and inform you about the respective entry requirements on site. In addition, the following reasons for a visit to a doctor before moving: If you have undergone a health check in Canada, you can relax more in your destination country with the doctor search. Not all countries have medical care as good as here.