What Is Suction Abortion? Find The Most Important Aspects Here!

Terminating your pregnancy is a big decision. Besides the obvious physical changes and effects, you may have to go through emotional stress, as well, depending on the reason for abortion. Abortion can be done in a number of ways, and the procedure is typically dependent on the stage of pregnancy. If you are 12-13 weeks pregnant, you will have a procedure known as suction abortion, or vacuum aspiration. Here are the details of the procedure at a glance.

Before the procedure

The first step is to find a reliable and legal tempat aborsi. Rules and laws related to termination of pregnancy differ in each country. If you are sure of your decision, talk to a doctor as early as possible. Suction abortion is done as an in-clinic procedure, but you might have to fast a day before. Before the procedure, your doctor may suggest a few tests, including an ultrasound and pelvic exam, to know the stage of pregnancy better. At this point, he will also check for abnormalities related to the placenta, fetus, and uterus. For suction abortion, your doctor may suggest the use of sedatives to minimize the pain and discomfort. Please note that this process is done under local anesthesia, and therefore, you will be awake as the abortion is done.

The procedure

Below are the typical steps of vacuum aspiration-

  • Your doctor will take a call on whether the cervix must be dilated. If you are less than seven weeks pregnant, this can be avoided. However, if a woman is more than 12 weeks pregnant, dilators can be used to open the cervix. In some cases, sticks made from sterilized seaweed are used for the procedure. These sticks can absorb the moisture and help in dilating the cervix.
  • Next, the doctor will insert something in the vagina, known as speculum. This will help in keep the vagina open, and the nurse/assistant will clean the cervix and vagina with an antiseptic solution.

  • An anesthetic agent will be injected in the cervix next. Once the area is ready, a tube, which is normally attached to a suction machine, is inserted in the uterus, so as to remove the contents. A second check will be done to ensure that the contents of the uterus have been removed completely.

Talk to a doctor today to know more about suction abortion, which is typically considered to be a safe procedure.