What Is Heat Not Burn And How Can It Help You Quit?

Are you looking to quit smoking this year? Find out how heat not burn alternatives can help you.

With vaping going from strength to strength in recent years, consumers are deciding to take it on in many different forms.

Smokers are now turning to vaporizers to help them ditchthe death sticksfor good.

Vaporizers are very beneficial as they’re less harmful than cigarettes and users can choose the strength of tobacco they require.

This means that for some smokers, vaporizers can be considerably less addictive.

One of these alternatives that smokers are turning to is heat-not-burn cigarettes, but what exactly are they?

Read on and discover the benefits of heat-not-burncigarettes and whether they can help you quit smoking for good.


What is heat not burn?

Heat-not-burncigarettes do exactly what they say on the packet – they only heat the tobacco within them without burning, meaning they only produces a vapour rather than smoke.

However, nicotine is still present.

Heat-not-burn cigarettes are close as you can possibly get to thetraditional tobacco ones but nowhere near as harmful. This is ideal for smokers who particularly enjoy the social aspect of smoking, or require frequent fag fixes.

Fewer harmful chemicals

One of the most disgusting elements of smoking is the amount of harmful chemicals you’re inhaling.

However, when you breathe in heated tobacco, you’re avoiding taking in some of the most harmful chemicals that are created when tobacco is burnt.

The smoke created is the most harmful thing about smoking cigarettes and burnt tobacco creates carbon monoxide and tar – two cancer-causing substances that can reap havoc on your lungs.

Even though it’s yet to be fully confirmed, vaping is considered by many in the scientific field as a healthier substitute to smoking cigarettes. So, when you’re moving away from actual cigarettes, it’s a no-brainer to ease the quitting process by investing in heat-not-burn alternatives.

‘Real’ Experience

As alludedto previously smoking heat-not-burn cigarettesis popular amongst quitters as they are a very close alternative to an actual cigarette. But does this mean that they help you quit for good? Well, that depends.

You could argue that heat-not-burn devices are harder to give up as you’re on the brink of the real experience, making actual cigarettes easier to go back to. Then you could argue that they fill the void left by cigarettes due to their resemblance for one another.

An electronic tobacco vaporizer helps smokers to succumb to their urges in healthier fashion.Their realism stops some of the withdrawal symptoms they face during the quitting process.

Avaporizeralso allows you to vape loose leaf tobacco– anatural substitute for users to indulge in. However, in the case of many vapers, they choose to use flavoured e-cigliquids.

Tobacco e-liquid can take some getting used to, especially after your first vape hit, due to how different it is from actual tobacco. Thosewho can’t adjust to itcan always vape real tobacco, which is a significantly healthier alternative.

This is because when you vape tobacco, it helps you overcome your urges for a cigarette as you get the taste you require rather than opting for a synthetic flavour.

Health implications

It’s not entirely proven that e-cigarettes can stop a person from smoking for good, but one thing we can conclude is that it certainly helps.

Some research has suggested that heat not burn cigarettes are less harmful than normal cigarettes, as the vapour contains between 50% and 90% fewer toxins.

A 2015-published independent review by Public Health England, found e-cigarettes to be 95 per cent safer than smoking.

If you’re in the processing of quitting smoking, consider the purchase of a heat not burn cigarette or a vape pen from a trusted manufacturer, and benefit from a healthier alternative.