What are the Symptoms of Hip Flexor Pain?

Flexors as the name suggests are flexible muscle tissues that aid body movement and stretching.

A person playing any kind of sport that requires maximum use of lower body like legs, knees and hips is prone to hip flexor pain. Individuals that work in offices are sitting the entire day become victim to this pain because the unused muscles lose flexibility. This leads to the low threshold of muscles to bear any kind of stretch.

In case of a player, hip Flexor pain usually occurs when he or she overstretches the legs without adequate and proper warm up. The condition can also occur due to excessive playing as the Iliopsoas muscles in the hip get strained. In extreme cases, the muscles can get torn.

People prone to hip flexor pain:

  • Footballers
  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Martial art practitioners
  • Dancers
  • People who have desk jobs

Symptoms that can help in identifying pain that is a result of hip flexor strain:

  • Weakness coupled with heaviness is felt in the upper leg
  • The area around the hips or thighs is swollen or bruised
  • Twinges of pain are experienced in the muscles of the hip or thigh
  • Indulging in sporting activities become significantly restricted due to pain
  • Lower body becomes prone to muscle cramps
  • Experiencing sudden shooting pains in the lower body
  • Standing in one place aggravates the pain
  • You end up walking with a limp
  • Sitting or lying down for a prolonged period stiffens the hip or thigh area
  • Standing up from a sitting or squatting position becomes very difficult and painful
  • Pain increases when trying to pull the legs towards the chest or even while stretching the hip flexor muscles
  • General movement becomes restricted

Treatment for Hip Flexor Pain

  • Rest for a few days till pain subsides
  • Apply ice pack locally for 15-20 minutes, making sure it is not put directly on naked skin.
  • Over the counter anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs can be taken.
  • Exercise the hip flexor muscles daily once the pain subsides to make them more flexible and strong. Yoga is also a great way to heal these muscles and reduce the pain.

Hip flexor muscles are responsible for our lower body movement and keeping them strong is very important to enjoy continuous sporting and day to day activities.