What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Age Spots

Age spots are the common signs of aging. This is one of the irritating problems that every person faces after reaching certain age. When a person crosses 40 years of age, then they start developing age spots. These spots can be in different colors such as brown, black and gray. They are formed on those skin areas that are exposed to the sun. From medicines to laser treatments, there are several different types of treatment that help in the efficient eradication of these signs.

What causes age spots?

Age spots are often caused due to a number of reasons. It can be due to excessive secretion of melanin in the body. Melanin is a special compound that gives pigment to the skin. Other reasons can be aging of the skin, sun exposure, or ultraviolet light exposure, tanning beds, etc.

Which parts are more prone to building up of age spots?

Skin areas that are more exposed to sun exposure can develop age spots. These areas are:

  • Face
  • Back side of hands
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back
  • Forearms

Who have greater chances of developing age spots?

Regardless of age, race or sex, age spots can happen to anyone. These are commonly seen in people having certain types of associated risk factors like:

  • People who are older than forty years
  • People who have fair skin
  • People who have a history of regular exposure to the sun
  • People who are more susceptible to tanning

What are the symptoms that lead to the development of age spots?

A person who has developed age spots would see below-mentioned symptoms:

  • The color of the spots is in different shades from light brown to blackish
  • Age spots have similar texture as that of the rest of the skin
  • They do not result in any painful sensation
  • You can find these spots on the skin areas that are exposed to the sun

How are these age spots identified?

You should visit a reputed dermatologist to get these age spots diagnosed. Elisebernier.ca is a very popular cosmetic surgeon, who treats a wide range of skin problems in an effective way. A doctor may need to conduct a biopsy treatment to check whether the dark region is an age spot or a cancer symptom or any other abnormality.

As age spots are not dangerous to your health, there is no inevitable need of treatment as such. The doctor would recommend you certain medicated lotions, bleaching creams, or sunscreen to use for a specific duration.

Learning about what causes them and taking the assistance of a proficient doctor would help you get rid of these stubborn signs easily and effectively.