What Age to consider for the Hair Restoration

The hair restoration procedure is a sophisticated cosmetic surgical procedure that done by the expert plastic & cosmetic Surgeons as it needs an extreme set of artistic as well as the surgical skills. Younger patients should not consider the surgery as it is difficult to define the donor area stabilities among patients under the age of 25. Rather, the restorative surgery is the process of transplanting the live hair follicles in the area where baldness occurred. The hair transplant procedure is performed when the medications went failure in the young patient to prevent the further hair loss and the particular technique is selected as according to the patient’s state of hair loss as well as their donor area capability. However, the hair transplant or hair restoration is applied to get back the natural hair from the patient’s own body followed by the extraction technique, whether the FUT or FUE technique.

The hair transplant cases are performed all over India by the expert cosmetic Surgeons, especially the two common and the most prevalent options are the hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Why Surgical Hair Restoration should not be considered in Patients Younger than 25:

  • It has neither Surgical nor Medical benefits: The hair transplants in young patients can create many issues due to the immature state of hair loss that may confuse the case with the susceptibility of the diffused un-patterned alopecia (DUPA) in some patients that causes the unsuccessful hair transplant results. The DUPA is always difficult to identify when a patient is young or underage. So, it is not advisable to undergo the surgical hair restoration at such a young age.
  • Depletes the finite supply of Safe Donor area: Transplanting of hair in very young patients is worthless due to the limited donor supply of DHT-resistant hair roots. The Surgeon always gives a serious consideration while planning the hair implantation. It is better to wisely distribute the donor area’s hair for the present grade of baldness in order to save the hair for the next session if required!
  • Thinning of Donor area Hair: Some people will experience a severe hair thinning when they mature, and transplanting the hair at a younger age may give you the unsatisfactory outcomes in terms of a wise distribution of donor’s hair as well as the susceptibility of the temporary result.
  • The Earlier Loss ones begin, the more extensive it will likely become: If a patient experience the hair loss so early, there is the most possibility of a severe hair loss condition in the future with the greatest grade of NW-baldness. So, it is better to postpone the decision the hair transplantation if you are younger or below the age of 25.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplants/restoration is a single option to get back the permanent hair if the procedure planned at the right time by the right plastic & cosmetic surgeons. It is better to consult with your Surgeon for the preoperative consultation to check the status of your present hair loss and the right treatment accordingly.