West Virginia’s Fitness Movement

West Virginia is lately rated among the fattest states in the united states. West Virginia can also be among the poorest states per population. Let explore the potential relationship and just how we, like a community, can increase fitness awareness.

Lately Jamie Oliver from the popular Television show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, visited Huntington, WV. His visit brought to going through the cause of the problem. Education, awareness, and money performed a job. When Jamie what food was in the neighborhood schools he discovered inadequate diet within the cafeteria. In addition these were making foods worse with the addition of fats. It was a really bad reflection about this Condition and also the school system.

Jamie will be commended, because he tries to expose what causes weight problems. His trip to West Virginia is simply one illustration of what he finds from coast to coast, but West Virginia continues to be fatter then most states, really just about all states.

What research has shown is individuals with less cash find bargain foods. Consider it. The worth your meals are not grilled chicken white meat and salads. Its hamburgers and fried foods. Being poor sometimes equals eating bad foods.

That isn’t the entire story…

Throughout the great depression, everyone was poor, although not fat. Why? Clearly people were built with a different lifestyle. They trusted gardens and, so their food list was far better too.

Poor people people of West Virginia really can’t make the excuse. It’s all about eating better and moving more.

When reviewing the quantity of Fitness gyms within the Condition it’s much under other locations in the united states per population. The good thing is there’s an exercise movement. There are other and much more fitness gyms emerging.