Types of Dental Flosses

Dental floss is a tool that is made to remove plaque in between teeth. These are helpful to eradicate any unwanted food particle that is struck in any tooth corner and irritating people. This is one of the most important equipments used by the best dentists in Sterling VA. You can go for professional flossing only by consulting a good dentist.

What is the importance of flossing?

Flossing helps to reach the remotest corners in between the teeth alignment where regular brushing cannot reach to remove plaque or unwanted food particles. This process is mainly used for the back teeth which people can’t even see properly. Besides, flossing prevent inception of severe gum diseases caused from bacterial attack, tooth decay, edentulism and bad breath. This technique can whiten up the teeth as well. Often tobacco causes staining of the regular white teeth. But professional dentists can easily remove that marks by flossing besides offering other sedation dentistry in Sterling VA.

Dental floss-Types

You can get a variety of dental floss in market from waxed to unwaxed. Waxed floss can easily slide in between teeth. You can also get flavored floss that can give your mouth your favorite taste while you are flossing. These are made from Teflon and nylon fiber. Recently some makers have introduced environment friendly floss made from silk fiber.

Nylon Floss

The nylon flosses are generic floss that you can get in various texture and flavors. It is not that nylon flosses available in the markets are all cheap. You can be catered with the expensive ones too and the dentists strongly recommend opting for the best quality nylon floss manufactured and marketed by the reputed companies. Now whether you choose the waxed or the non-waxed flosses that is completely up to you.

Monofilament floss

Like nylon, this fabric that is creating a huge rip in the market doesn’t tear. It is one of the strongest yet the best floss that glides. The plastic or rubber that is used in making the flosses runs smoothly in between the teeth. Users, find the product to be safe and effective to cleaning their teeth.

Dental Tape

These are flattened ribbon like flosses that are thinner than the usual ones. Many users find it easier to clean up the teeth than the regular nylon waxed or the non-waxed flosses.

So, these are some of the most popular flosses that are available in the markets these days. The dentists on the other hand recommend using the best quality products to avoid any kind of gum infections.