Types of CBD Oil Products That People Can Use

Many studies have already proven the benefits of CBD for various health issues. CBD has therapeutic properties that make it a great option to deal with many health problems, primarily related to pain and inflammation. With that being said, CBD can be found in various forms, and as many people confuse, cannabis paste is not one of the forms of CBD. CBD can be available at CBD paste, CBD oil, CBD candies, etc. Out of all these products, the most preferred kind is CBD oil. To elaborate more on that, here are different types of CBD oil products that people can use.


Out of all CBD oil products, CBD concentrates pack the strongest dose, going up by almost 10 times when compared with the doses of other CBD oil products. This comes handy for people who need high potency CBD for various reasons. Concentrates are supposed to be kept under the tongue and slowly swallowed. However, there are types of concentrates which can also be used as cooking oil as well. If you use the right dosage, CBD concentrates can be highly beneficial.


Capsules are by far the easiest to administer when it comes to keeping a check on dosage. Each capsule contains about 10mg to 25mg of CBD packed in it. However, for anybody who needs a higher dosage of CBD, it becomes challenging to use CBD capsules. Also, if you are trying to figure out the right dosage for yourself, capsules are a bad option. But for people who would want to take capsules, all you have to do is have it with water.


CBD tinctures contain the purest form of CBD oil that you can find. Since there is no separate processing of the CBD oil involved in the making of CBD tinctures, it yields highest levels of purity. Tinctures are normally used by dropping a couple of drops under the tongue. To make the experience pleasant for people who take CBD tincture underneath their tongue, they are available in various flavors as well. This makes the unusual taste of CBD less apparent. To make the most out of tinctures, it is important that you keep the drops beneath the tongue for as long as you can, before swallowing.


CBD sprays are the kind of supplement where the CBD oil is mixed in a medium that can be sprayed into your mouth directly. Many people like using CBD oil spray as it is convenient to carry. However, the downside to using CBD oil spray is that it has the lowest dosage of CBD, which can even be as little as 1mg. Also, it is difficult to monitor the dosage of CBD since you can’t spray the same amount every single time.


CBD oil vape is a form wherein you smoke the CBD oil. While many people prefer to use them, the biggest disadvantage of using CBD oil vape is that it seems to have lesser benefits when compared with other products. However, the reason why a lot of people smoke CBD oil rather than ingesting it because they feel they have better control of the doses as compared to other CBD oil products. The added cost involved in using CBD vape is the need to buy an e-cigarette or vape pen, using which you have to administer CBD oil.

There are many options available in the market when we talk about CBD oil. With so many options, CBD concentrates appear to be the most beneficial and most commonly used form of CBD for the people.