Top Reasons Why Toilet Paper Is Not Good Enough

People have been using toilet paper for many years now. But the thing is, wiping your bum with it after nature calls are not enough to ensure your backside is clean. Besides the fact that it costs you money to stock up on toilet paper consistently, here are two reasons why toilet paper will never be good enough in cleaning up your backside.

Toilet Paper Can Cause Irritation

Since toilet paper is a thin sheet of dry paper, continuous and vigorous wiping can cause friction. Too much friction can lead to irritation. The thing is, the skin around this area is sensitive and thin which makes it easily irritated. This can lead to itching, redness and bacteria can seep through the area causing infection.

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Using Toilet Paper Alone Is Not Hygienic

Toilet paper is not sanitary because one can never clean thoroughly only by dry wiping. To use some, you’ll need to touch the toilet paper with your hands which can be dirty in the first place. Also, some people fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet, and one can only imagine the consequences of such actions.

It is for these very reasons why it is high time to switch to a better alternative when cleaning up. Wet wipes are one good choice if you’re out and always on the go. But how about when you’re back home?

Toilet Paper Alternatives

Bidets are your best for a hygienic way of cleaning your tushies. Before, Japan, Southern Europe, and other countries are the only ones using bidets for backside hygiene. Thanks to innovation, we can now enjoy modern bidets even in the comforts of our own home. Bidets are better than toilet paper and wipes, and here are three reasons why.

More Hygienic

One of the best reasons why bidets will always be better is because these are far more hygienic than wipes and toilet paper alone. Modern bidets like the one you can get from offer hands-free washing. By washing, the likelihood of bacteria found in your backside from spreading is reduced.

Thorough Cleaning Comfort

Some people will undoubtedly find bidets useful like new mothers, the elderly, younger children and people with diminished hand or arm strength. Since you can thoroughly clean your backside hands-free, we can enjoy comfort cleaning which is especially beneficial for those mentioned before.

Cleans Without Abrasion And Irritation

Since there is no need to wipe thoroughly, you reduce the amount of friction. Less friction means your sensitive backside won’t be prone to irritation. Also, some toilet papers are scented which can also irritate the skin. By using bidets, you get no irritation – just pure comfort cleaning bliss.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Lastly, bidets are environment-friendly. If you look at the toilet statistics, you’d be surprised by just how many trees are used yearly only to produce toilet papers. By having one in your home, you get to reduce the amount of toilet paper you need. This means lesser toilet paper waste to throw and more savings for you. Bidets are also water-efficient, which will make your home an eco-friendly one.