The Possible Health Risks of Using Your Cellphone Most of the Time

You might not believe it, but several studies have proven that the use of phones and other devices emitting radiation have negative health effects. You need to stay protected if possible to avoid these health risks. Here are some of the most common effects as told by people who have experienced them or by researchers who have conducted extensive studies.

Daily headaches

Having headaches every now and then is usual if brought by stress related to work or family. However, if it happens all the time, and is chronic, it could be caused by spending a lot of time in front of your computer. Working around areas with WiFi also lets this happen. You will start feeling a numbing sensation in your head or something similar to a migraine.

Sleep disturbance

There are times when you want to fall asleep but you can’t. You can attribute it to insomnia or it could also be due to your constant use of your cellphone. There are several accounts of people who have had a hard time sleeping at night when they have just finished using their phone. Once they stopped using their phone hours before sleeping, they felt better.

High blood pressure

This might seem like a stretch, but there are people who have suffered from high blood pressure due to the radiation caused by their phones. This might not be a direct effect, but because of the other side effects of using phones they have suffered from high blood pressure.


There are people who feel like vomiting all the time. Studies have shown that radiation could lead to a nauseating feeling. Those who have worked in laboratories and were exposed to high radiation content have suffered from nausea first. This could happen to you too if you are using your phone all the time. This is how your body reacts to radiation.

These are just some of the downsides of using your cellphone constantly. The same thing is true for laptops and other electronic devices. The only problem is that you cannot stop using your phone. You need it for personal and work-related purposes. Instead of not using your phone, the best solution is to use protection devices such as those offered by You might be surprised by how great the effects are. Using these devices, radiation is not totally prevented, but at least it will not penetrate your body.

Give them a try and see how they could possibly help make your life better. We live in a world where radiation is all around. The only way to prevent the problem from escalating is by staying protected.