The Most Expensive Treatments for Cellulite

There are many cellulite treatments today that promise to melt your bumps, lumps, and dimples from your skin after only a few sessions. Some of these treatments work while some simply don’t. But for those that have gained the approval of the FDA, they don’t come cheap. You can easily spend a fortune with the most expensive treatments for cellulite.

Take for example, Cellulaze, one of the world’s first cellulite-specific laser treatments that are duly approved by the FDA. It involves the insertion of a very small laser tube through the skin purposely to melt the fat paddings that make up the glob of cellulite. The different fibrous connective tissues that hold these fat paddings together are also softened. It’s one of the most effective, too. Sadly, unless you are ready to shell out a minimum of $5,000 per treatment and often depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated, this treatment is definitely not for everyone. Unconditional commitment is a requirement especially when it comes to expecting results.

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While Cellulaze promises to be the pinnacle of cellulite treatment, there are other methods that offer almost the same results but at a much more affordable price. Z-Wave uses radial shockwaves of high energy to breakdown the molecules that keep the cellulite paddings together. This treatment was also able to obtain the nod of the FDA and as such holds great promise. Understand, however, that this treatment only works for individuals with mild to moderate cases of dimpling, bulging, or lumping. One of the major drawbacks of the treatment is that you need at least 10 sessions to obtain any noticeable change. And at $300 to $450 per session of Z-Wave, you’re potentially looking to shell out a minimum of $3,000.

Vanquish is a type of cellulite treatment that uses radio frequency waves to tighten the skin while reducing targeted fat globules underneath the skin. The heat generated by the RF waves essentially destroys the targeted cells without necessarily damaging surrounding tissues like the muscles. Understand that this is more of a fat-remover than a cellulite remover. Nevertheless, it is often used in conjunction with radial shockwave therapy like the Z-Wave. One of the most interesting aspects of this treatment is that it doesn’t have any downtime for the patient. Technically, you can resume your daily activities after a 30-minute session. The downside? The same 30-minute session can set you back by as much as $800. If you’re going to add the Z-Wave, you’re looking at a particularly expensive way to get rid of cellulite.

These are just three very costly cellulite treatments. They are effective insofar as cellulite treatment is concerned. But, if you simply don’t have the depth in your pocket, you might as well look for other, more practical ways.