Suffer from painful joints? Do this

We offer a few simple remedies for joint pain treatment at home.

A lot of people suffer from painful knees, with some having a chronic affliction and others experiencing pain after a blunt injury or an underlying medical cause. If the joint pain in the knee is minor, you can treat it by yourself at home –

* Apply a pain relief cream. A pain relief cream that is designed for both muscle and joint health, is a must if you have joint pain in the knee. If your knee is swollen, first ascertain the joint pain cause. If the joint pain cause is minor, then you can apply an ice pack on the knee to reduce the swelling. After 10 minutes, apply a pain relief cream that contains natural ingredients for faster penetration and quick painkilling action. Do this every night before going to sleep so that your knee can be healed and rested by morning.

* Get moving. It might seem counterproductive to move your knee when there is pain in it, but lack of activity might actually be a contributor to the pain. Some joint pain in the knee is caused by lack of activity, i.e. by a sedentary lifestyle or sitting for long periods of time. The best way to get the circulation back in the knee is to get some activity. As part of joint pain treatment, you can go for a stroll every day, or do gentle stretching as shown by a doctor, or even go swimming.

* Consume food and drink that reduce inflammation.You experience joint pain in the knee when there is inflammation around the joint. The inflammation may be caused by a localised injury, or lack of use of the knee, or any other reason. If the joint pain cause is minor, then you can reduce the inflammation around the joint by yourself. The easiest and most effective way to do this, is to consume food and beverages that reduce inflammation. Try foods rich in water content, such as spinach, kale, cabbage, watermelon, cucumber, melons, etc. that help flush out toxins. You can also consume diluted apple cider vinegar, green or chamomile tea to remove toxins. Toxins are created at the site of the inflammation and when they are removed, you feel less pain. However, keep using the joint pain cream in conjunction with having a good diet.

* Sleep on it. Often, good quality sleep without interruption is necessary if you wish to have a healthy and fit body. Poor quality sleep does not allow the body to heal and repair itself. If you have joint pain in the knee, keep it elevated with a pillow under the joint, and go to sleep in a silent, darkened room. Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night – you will notice the difference not just in your painful knee, but also your overall fitness.