Signs, symptoms, and reasons for drug abuse

Drug abuse is one of the leading causes of deaths and has become a rampant problem worldwide. While the initial use of a medication or drug may not be addictive, constant use with the lack of control becomes an addiction which is difficult to get out of. Not only does drug abuse impact the person physically, but also ruins their social life and mental wellbeing. They are not able to be productive members of society. Their mental and physical health deteriorates at a much faster pace.

Signs of drug abuse

As mentioned, while the use may initially be harmless, dependency on a drug or medication or any substance like alcohol may lead to its abuse or addiction. Drug addicts neglect their social responsibility, resort to unlawful tactics, take part in dangerous activities and may even have legal problems. The high that the drug provides them makes them unaware of their surroundings and its reaction to their actions. Further, they build resistance and tolerance to drugs which makes them consumer in more quantity to get the same high.

Symptoms of drug abuse

The signs and symptoms do not vary much. Drug addicts lose the sense of reality and lose control over their habits and actions. Some people, despite knowing the harmful effects of drugs, still resort to them since they experience severe withdrawal symptoms in case they try to abstain. Physical symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, tremors, and impaired coordination may also surface in such patients. On the other hand, they may also experience changes in personality traits, frequent mood swings, anxiety and hyperactivity on a more regular basis.

Reasons for drug abuse

The reasons for drug abuse may be many. The most common reason, however, is that of stress. We deal with a lot of stress in our daily lives, and a lot of people turn to drugs to relieve them of this as for some time, they are able to be away from the same. Peer pressure is also a common reason for people turning to drugs.


Drug abuse treatment and medication need to be in conjunction with trained medical professionals at Windsor medical detox centre who are able to guide, train and help with both the withdrawal symptoms and complete treatment. Regular counselling sessions are done with the patients so as to help them understand the effects of drug abuse and to guide them back into society.