Know the Different Types of Dental Specialists

If you’re in need of dental treatments, then before stopping by any dentist, first you should know about the different types of dental specialists. Until and unless you are in an emergency, you can do this much research to have clear idea about the different types of dentists practicing a variety of dental treatments and surgeries.

In this article, you can explore some of the most popular types of dentists


Orthodontists are specialized dentists that you can visit for the facial or dental correction. They are specialized in the development and correcting the irregularities of the bite, jaws, and teeth. Usually, people suffering from a bad smile, broken teeth and poor jaw line visit the orthodontist surgeons after being referred by a general dentist.


These specialized dentists offer cure for the gum diseases, dental implants and bone regeneration. Gum diseases often take a serious turn causing the damaging the associated teeth and surrounding areas. Only with proper medication and sometimes surgery, it is prevented by the periodontists by supporting the surrounded tissues or the teeth as well as the substitutes. The dentists also help by offering suggestions and medications for improving the oral health, function of the structures and keeping the tissues healthy.


These are specialized dentists for performing the root canal treatment. Endodontistry involves with the physiology, morphology, and pathology of the periradicular tissues and human dental pulp. The dentists also offer treatment and prevention from the diseases and injuries of the pulp along with periradicular conditions.


Prosthodontists are specialized dental experts with the training and certification on the replacement of the broken teeth and restoration with crowns, bridges and the dentures also known as the removable prosthetics. The Prosthodontist dentists have the efficiency to gift people with a beautiful smile by restoring the broken or parted teeth. They are specialized in understanding the dynamics of the beautiful smiles. They are also pro in offering maxillofacial surgeries and correcting the jaw lines after any accident, post oral cancer, jaw joint problem, snoring and sleeping disorders etc.

Pediatric dentistry

 The pediatric dentists are the children’s dentists that only attend kids as their patients. Often, children suffer from toothache, gum diseases etc for which they even have to undergo extraction. These are all done by the pediatric dentists.

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