Know the Alternative to Dog Shampoo

The Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo sometimes tends to be expensive and not very affordable. What can you do in this situation? You have to find ways that will protect the dog’s skin and also be inexpensive. If you continue to use the shampoo, the sensitive skin of the dog will lose its quality to protect the dog from all odds. The fur is used to protect the dog from cold and other adversities. If the fur is washed off, the skin of the dog will become irritable and develop allergies that are quite painful.

There is an alternative to dog shampoo and that is to try with skin body wash. You can further dilute the body wash by adding water and coconut oil. You have to be careful of the detergents, perfumes and dyes that are added to the soaps which may cause huge irritation to the skin. The substitute to dog shampoo is available in your kitchen and the grooming supply kit. You can use them without using water as these products have to be just applied on the skin and the fur.

What are the alternatives?

  • The use of baking soda is quite popular. This can be used to give the dog a dry bath. You have to just sprinkle it on the dog’s fur and brush it properly. It is great to use it because it will help to get rid of odours and that too without a shampoo. It also improves the look of the dog’s coat.
  • The rolled oats are a good and great ingredient for human baths. In the same way it works wonders in the bath of a dog. You have to add a cup of oats to a nylon stocking tying it at the end. Then you just run hot water bath over the stocking until the tub gets filled to the desired depth as per your dog’s height. After the water gets cooled to the room temperature the dog can soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. This technique will leave the dog odour free for at least two weeks.

  • The dog wipes is used as an excellent alternative to keep the dog clean. It can be purchased from the pet grooming supplies and use it for a quick bath. You have to run the wipe over the paws, fur and the backside in order to remove the dirt and the odour. It is considered to be a great option especially because it does not need water but wipes them absolutely clean.