Help! My Hair is Thinning So Fast! What Shall I Do?

Today, modern hair replacement has turned into a worldwide multi-billion pound business and with an increase in people wishing to look younger, hair replacement is something which is very much thought about when people discover that their hair is thinning.

  • Hair loss we are told comes from a hereditary condition called “androgenic alopecia” and happens to both males and females

This happens to occur when testosterone changes into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which then becomes a hormone giving rise to hereditary baldness.

ContemporaryAnswers to Hair Loss

Everyone can see that a lot more males by far are prone to losing their hair and balding than females. And in the majority of cases, if they realise that they are suffering from hair loss, they then wish to counter it.

There are Three Hair Replacement Solutions and these are:

1 – Tonics

No, not the gin kind, but a range of products currently on the market, all claiming that they will re-grow people’s hair back. This type of treatment usually thickens strands of hair and makes it feel as if there’s more hair than actually making it grow back. And although there’s plenty of hype surrounding such products, they haven’t yet been shown to be effective at all.

2 – Surgical Procedures

If you’ve checked out hair transplant solutions, then you will have come across this procedure. Hair transplants are normally considered for people who still have hair remaining and growing on the sides and the back of the head.

  • The hair transplant is one technique of surgically replacing lost hair by the careful grafting of portions of the scalp from the lower rear and sides of the head, (where hair still grows) and then relocating it to then grow hair on any bald areas

Many people are going for a hair transplant abroad, as it’s a more affordable way of getting this skilled treatment carried out than in their home country.

  • There’s also a more radical surgical option what is known as a “scalp reduction” and involves removing the bald parts of the scalp in sections

Then the surgeon stretches the remaining scalp together, which covers and fills in the bald areas with the scalp that still has healthy hair growing on it.

3 – Traditional Non-Surgical Hair Integration

The use of wigs and hairpieces have been with us and used since the times of Ancient Egypt and Rome. Hairpieces and wigs are easy to buy and then attached to the head, simple as that. (Noticeable, maybe)

Which Type is for you?

People who are looking for a hair loss solution will have to make the choice on which kind of hair replacement is ideal for them.

  • Different folks, different strokes, certainly come to mind!

Beyond a doubt, time and money can be well spent on a hair replacement solution and with the most amazing results, so make sure you choose wisely and everything will work out exactly how you wished it would!