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Clenbuterol or Clen would be used for treatment of asthma in several parts of the globe. However, because of its desired effects as a stimulator for Central Nervous System along with its fat burning features, it is popular with both professional and amateur bodybuilders across the globe. Last twenty to thirty years has seen Clen as a fitness supplement more than a treatment for asthma. Let us see what will be the best cycle for beginner to start with. Clenbuterol results shown on reviews would make you believe about the product being best for bodybuilding.

Clen cycle information

Clen can be used as Spiropent syrup, tablet, injectable formulation and could be found in a powdered form as well. Dosages could vary for Clen. It can also be used in several concentrations. Clen has been known to follow strict usage and distribution stipulations. Therefore, very less data is available for its effects on humans. The trial and error process has claimed several lives along with health of people using Clen without proper guidance and professional help. Bodybuilders should develop Clenbuterol cycle and athletes from all arenas should be using the substance in a safe manner.


Results for Clen cycle

It would not be wrong to suggest that medical community refused to recognize Clen as weight loss supplement. It has been deemed more of a drug of abuse than a weight loss supplement. However, you should keep in mind that Clen should not be confused with steroids. Although Clen has been a powerful weight loss and muscle building supplement, but it is certainly not a steroid. It has been very different in the manner it reduces fat accumulated in the body. It would not have any kind of anabolic effects on the body of the person consuming it.

Among the other benefits, that Clen has to offer, it would not change the production and the distribution of your hormones. Clen is not supposed to encourage muscle growth. Nonetheless, people associate Clen with steroids because of the excitatory effects it has on the CNS or central nervous system of the person.


Tips on taking Clenbuterol for women

The cycle for women should use approximately 50% the amounts of the product that is the cycle for men. You should not enhance the dosage, due to the loss or decrease in the excitatory effect of Clenbuterol. A three-week cycle has commonly been used, but it will not be recommended for users in their initial year.