Hair Transplants: What to Expect and When to See Results

Although the fight against hair loss has been aggressive, previous hair transplant procedures have been somewhat unreliable and vulnerable to a handful of side effects; however, given the technological advances, hair regrowth is seeing increasing precision with diminishing drawbacks. One of the most sophisticated techniques thus far is the FUE transplant system and while this procedure can work incredibly well, it’s important that you seek your transplant from a professional with extensive training.

What Are Hair Transplants?

While previous procedures primarily meant the transportation of hair from one area to another, FUE or follicular unit extraction refers to the harvesting of healthy hair follicles and the transplanting of those follicles in the affected areas.

Advantages and Procedural Advancements

This particular procedure has proven to be significantly more effective than those that came before it and it promotes a much more natural hair regrowth. Other transplant methods often resulted in patchy or unnatural-looking areas on the head but FUE normalises the affected area to where the transplants are virtually unnoticeable and grow as normal.

This method is advantageous in that there are essentially no obvious signs of the transplant, such as scarring, and you will be able to more freely cut and style your hair without the worry of exposing such blemishes, making these hair transplant results incredibly pleasing. Those who are involved in this practice typically display before-and-after photos of their patients that are easily viewable.

After Procedure and Results

There is still a healing process involved with the FUE system, which typically lasts about a week. During that week, you are usually advised to take it easy so as not to disrupt your new transplant before it has time to settle. You may experience slight bruising or swelling but this should vanish within the first two weeks.

You may notice that within the following months that your freshly implanted hair grows only slightly before falling out completely but this is totally normal. Significant hair regrowth typically requires a lengthy amount of time, given that there is obviously an adjustment period along with the natural amount of time it takes for hair to grow.

On average, you could expect to wait up to a year for the final result to reveal itself, though you will certainly see genuine hair growth before this period. Although the wait time can be lengthy, the results are essentially invaluable as you will see a significant improvement in the previously bald or thinned areas, if not a full and thick area of hair, and you will be able to treat it as normal as it will continue to grow in those areas for years to come.