Four Best Alternatives to Kratom for Treating Stress, Pain & Mood Boost


Kratom is a best herb native to Southeast Asia for treating opiate addiction, withdrawal symptoms, pain, anxiety, and stress.

Here we have the four best alternatives to Kratom that are amaze for treating severe pain, relieving stress, and boost mood.


Siberian ginseng or eleuthero is a thousand-year-old remedy for reducing fatigue, increasing immunity, energy boost and overall longevity. Eleuthero is a natural adaptogen, which means it relieves the stress by taking action on adrenal glands and intervening in the stress response. Adaptogens are non-allergens and are safe even for long-term use. Eleuthero root is available in powder, tincture and extract form. It is somehow an excellent alternative to Kratom, especially if someone wants a mild effect. Read about the best ways to use eleuthero to maximize its medicinal effects. Also, know about the safe ways and dosage guidelines on using eleuthero and its products.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate is an herb used to make a unique brew called “mate” in Spanish and Portuguese cultures.  The use of yerba mate tea is higher in central and southern regions of South America, primarily in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and southern Chile. It is now available in all parts the world in commercial packing. Yerba mate is a part of many energy drinks and boosters. It is available in a bottled pack, dry tea bags, and even iced tea cans. Read on how yerba mate is sometimes used in place of Kratom especially when access to Kratom is limited. The information here also suggests the best ways to use yerba mate with enhancing its natural benefits.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark or Salix alba is a deciduous tree from Central, Southern Europe, and Northern America. It is the source of Aspirin and has nearly same uses as the synthetic aspirin. White willow is somehow mild on the stomach and has lesser anticoagulant action. The traditional applications of white willow bark include pain relief, fever, migraine and much more. The active compound in willow bark is called salicylate glycosides. It has potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This pain relief effect of white willow bark is comparable to Kratom. Although it is a natural product white willow comes with precautions for therapeutic use. Read about white willow’s potential uses, combination, dosage of Kratom and user reviews on the effectiveness of white willow bark here.


Chamomile is a medicinal herb with a history of thousands of years. It is evident to be an ailment for stress, anxiety, insomnia and stomach related diseases. However, it is not a replacement for chronic conditions. It is soothing and mild on the human body, which means that it has no adverse effects.

Chamomile is sometimes used as a replacement for Kratom when Kratom is unavailable. The combination of Kratom and chamomile is also a trendy way to get the desired effects. This section tells how chamomile makes an alternative to Kratom and what are the diverse ways to use it.