Five Easiest Ways to Remove Spiders from your Home

Though spiders are known to be harmless insects, nobody would want to have them moving around the house uninvited. They make most people feel uneasy, and even some feel scared when they see them. If the population of spiders increases in your home, they make the place look messy because of their spider webs.

 Spiders often infest your home for a few reasons including a search for food and shelter, change of weather, and untidy home. Eliminating spiders from your home could be accomplished in various ways, including keeping your house tidy, sealing all the cracks, turning off your outdoor lights, and using a residual insecticide.

This article will discuss the way you can get rid of the spiders the moment they infest your house.

Seal off all the cracks of your house

A spider will invade your home only if it finds a way to get in. If you own an old house, spiders would likely infest your house through wall cracks and crevices. Make it impossible for spiders and any other possible insects or rodents to get in your home by sealing both the interior and exterior of any cracks and holes of your house.

Hire a professional exterminator

A professional exterminator can help you to control all kinds of insects and pests that invade your home and could offer you proper pest control maintenance. Companies such as Portland spider exterminators can help you with assessing your spider problem, evaluate your home, implement a solution, and monitor the activities around your home to ensure they get rid of them. They will also make sure that both your health and your property are not damaged.

Turn off your lights.

While spiders do not like light, it does attract many of the insects they feed on. So turning off your outdoor light prevents them from infesting your house. But if you do need your outdoor lights for security reasons, you can use yellow sodium vapor lights instead. These lights are less likely to attract insects.

Keep your home tidy

Spiders love habituating on clutter regions of your house, especially the places where you pile your clothes, shoes, papers and more.  They also like hiding in dark, dusty areas to lay their eggs. Keeping your house tidy and clutter-free will reduce their chance of occurrence. Make a habit of doing a thorough cleaning at least once a week to prevent spiders from dwelling in your home. Do not forget to clean up the exterior of your home too. Ensure you clear all the vegetation near your house to eliminate spiders and other insects to hide. Plants near your home can attract many spiders and could be a perfect place for spiders building their webs.

 Use a residual insecticide.

Residual insecticides, especially those containing pyrethroids kill spiders, rodents, and insects. They have long term effects on the areas where they are applied, so ensure you spray it on every cracks, holes and wall corners of your house. However, you should understand that residual insecticides have limitations. If spiders avoid the areas where the pesticide was applied, it will bring no effect.