Effective Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

Deciding to quit smoking is a good choice for your health but knowing where to begin can be challenging. There are several different aids on the market to help you stop, each one differs in its effectiveness. Ultimately, it comes down to willpower and a drive to succeed. But there are some effective ways to help you get started.

Set a Date

Preparation is very important when trying to quit, so you should set a date and stick to it. Give yourself some time to prepare for the change, don’t choose tomorrow or 2 days from now, it is too soon and you won’t have enough time to adapt.

There are 2 main ways to stop smoking, you either quit abruptly (cold turkey) or you gradually wean yourself off. Both methods work, so choose whichever one works for you.  You can wait for your quit date and completely stop, or you can reduce the amount incrementally and then quit altogether on your set date.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the day you’ll finally break the habit.

  • Tell everyone what day you have set, so they understand your plan of action.
  • Get rid of any paraphernalia such as ashtrays or cigarette packets.
  • Join a support group or even speak to family members or friends who have successfully quit.
  • Ask other people you know to not smoke near you.

E Cigarettes

These devices aren’t really being put on sale to help people stop smoking but rather as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. But, they are being used as a support mechanism for a number of reasons. One being that they enable you to control the amount of nicotine you load into a cartridge, this means they allow people who are trying to quit slowly wean themselves off the compound. They don’t have to go cold turkey, they can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in their e cigs.

Recent studies suggest that e cigarettes help with smoking cessation, individuals who use them on a regular basis are more likely to quit permanently in comparison to people who go cold turkey or use other methods to stop. You can buy an e cig in numerous online stores and they are more cost efficient than traditional cigarettes.

Behavioural Therapy

The most difficult thing to break is your dependence on nicotine, you need to change your behavioural patterns, so you take more control over your life. There are several counselling services you can attend and also self-help groups. It is beneficial to speak to an expert on behavioural therapy and to others who have begun the same journey as you. Communicating with people who have already successfully stopped smoking can be advantageous.

Trying to quit smoking is challenging, its highly addictive and many people tend to relapse even after long periods without a cigarette. But there are many effective ways to stop including using e cigs and behavioural therapy. Quitting doesn’t come easy, it takes time, dedication and strong willpower to break your dependence.