Do You Have an Eye Infection?

If you have an eye infection, it may be uncomfortable. However, it is not usually serious. Nevertheless, it helps to know more about taking care of the condition. An eye infection is not something that should be overlooked. You need to do all that you can to alleviate the symptoms.

An eye infection may take the form of either conjunctivitis or blepharitis. Conjunctivitis is a common infection that is known as pink eye. This type of eye infection is often experienced by children. It can be contagious, although it is not serious. Nor will the condition damage the vision. Pink eye can clear up with no long-term and ongoing problems.

Inflammation of the Eyelids

Blepharitis, on the other hand, is an inflammation of the eyelids. This condition occurs when the oil glands, situated at the base of the eyelashes, are clogged. When the glands are clogged, the eyes become red and irritated. Diseases and conditions can trigger the eye infection symptoms of blepharitis.

If you have blepharitis, you will automatically notice it. For example, your eyes will run and they will appear red. They will also burn and sting. The eyelids may appear greasy as well. Not only that, the eye’s eyelids will feel itchy, and they will appear swollen. Patients may also notice flaking around the yes. Eyelid sticking is also a complaint, as is sensitivity to light.

If you tend to blink more frequently, it is because your eyes are irritated. You will probably notice that your eyelashes are crusty when you wake in the morning time. Some patients notice that their eyelashes are growing in abnormally or that they has lost some lashes.

Speak to a Doctor If You Cannot Resolve the Problem

Needless to say, this is one eye infection that can be quite annoying. That is why you need to resolve the problem right away. This can be easily accomplished when you speak to a professional eye doctor, someone who is well versed in treating eye infections and associated conditions.

You should never try to handle this type of condition yourself. You need to speak to a doctor to obtain the needed help. If you blepharitis symptoms do not improve, you need to set up an appointment for a consultation. In the interim, you should regularly clean and take care of the affected area. By the time you speak to doctor, you can get at the root of the problem.

Usually, this type of eye infection is caused by a condition, such as seborrheic dermatitis, which is a kind of dandruff that appears on the eyebrows or scalp. It can also be brought on by a bacterial infection or clogged glands. Allergies and eyelash mites can also lead to an eye infection problem.