Check Severe Consequences of Not Replacing a Lost Tooth.

Losing a tooth can have severe consequences in the long run. When a tooth is removed or lost, the surrounding teeth can adjust by shifting or tilting in the empty space. This poor dental alignment can make cleaning difficult resulting in tooth decay. Excessive plaque built between the teeth eventually leads to gum disease. TMJ disorder can also occur because of the change of tooth positioning, resulting in pain and stress.

Spacing of the remaining teeth occurs if left untreated over a long period of time. Instead of removing a tooth, you can simply put a crown or replace it entirely with a dental implant.

Years of research have confirmed that dental implants offer the best long term solution for tooth replacement. If you are looking for the best dental implant centre, you need to check centre d’implant St-Onge.

You know the consequence of living without teeth perhaps your smile doesn’t look as attractive as it once did. Maybe you look for opportunity to hide your mouth with hand while laughing, avoid smiling or talking with someone. Missing teeth can affect your self confidence as well.

When you do not have all necessary teeth, eating can be difficult. In fact, nutritious food such as fruits or raw veggies becomes difficult to bite. Therefore, poor dental condition can also result in poor nutritional food.

However, there are other things that lead to negative effects on your body-

  • Tooth loss results in bone loss.
  • When you lose your teeth, the jaw bone that surrounds and support them begins to melt away. The longer your teeth are missing the greater the bone loss.
  • Your teeth and bones’ support also hold up your facial features.
  • When your cheek and lips lose out support the whole face suffers wear and tear. That is why toothless people often look sad.
  • As you lose bone, it becomes complicated for the dentist to successfully replace your teeth with dental implant.
  • Bone loss can increase the cost, time and manner of procedure of implantation.

Whether you have lost one tooth or several teeth, dental implants are helpful in restoring your smile in the most natural way possible. Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. It is the only method of tooth replacement that can hold loss of bone because dental implants are prepared from titanium, which has the unique ability to blend with the living bone and function.