Can Chiropractic Treatment Cure Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that can be both painful and debilitating. It can be an autoimmune joint disorder or a condition that arises if the cartilage which lines the surfaces of the joints wears out. Beach chiropractic has been proven effective to treat arthritis and its immune system.

Ways Chiropractic Helps with Arthritis

Chiropractic for arthritis is used for addressing the issue of getting the body to freely move. When the body is aligned to move with a few restrictions, the need for painkillers is reduced or eliminated.

Also, chiropractic as a regular treatment approach can help in preventing arthritis or its damaging effects. The therapies and lifestyle changes associated with chiropractic will influence exercise and diet and maintaining the alignment of the body will offset health issues which might accompany arthritis. Healthy immune system and proper weight are essential factors to limit the damaging effects of all forms of arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Reasons to Use Chiropractic for Arthritis

The use of chiropractic care is focused on the ability of the body to heal itself. By correcting the spine and joint dislocations, a Jacksonville FL chiropractor helps in increasing the body’s range of motion that helps with movement. Chiropractic and its complementary treatments including lifestyle choices like massage therapy and exercise as well as nutrition can be used to help in relieving severe mobility problems or as a preventive measure in arthritis that is still in a developing stage. Generally, pain and stiffness which can be caused by different forms of arthritis can be alleviated with chiropractic.


When arthritis arises, using spinal manipulation can diminish the pain by assisting the body’s physical health, leading to greater ease of movement and reduced buildup of fluid that usually comes with arthritis. Also, using massage in chiropractic care can ease stiffness and encourage movement. Heat and cold press application has been proven to ease pain due to arthritis. And the use of electronic stimulation in chiropractic can stimulate pain-inhibiting chemicals called endorphins and block the nerves that cause the pain.

Choosing to use chiropractic rather than prescription pain relievers or over-the-counter medicines like NSAIDs can minimize the chances of experiencing side effects that can harm the body due to long-term use. It is an non-invasive method to maintain physical health and addresses arthritis in a way which will provide a patient the freedom to move without deteriorating effects which can come with medication.