Brief Understanding on Symptoms and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

The problem of plantar fasciitis would affect the surface of the foot. It has been mostly seen in overweight people, flat feet, runners and people having high arches or the ones who spend lot of time standing on their feet during their job. The major reason for the problem to persist would be irritation caused to plantar fasciitis running from heel bones to the bottom of the toes. The problem would result in tissue tearing in plantar fascia. Consequently, people experience high levels of pain. Most people would feel pain in the morning or after resting for long duration.

Major reason for plantar fasciitis

The major reason for plantar fasciitis would be caused due to stress placed on the ligaments. The plantar fasciitis would be irregularly stretched causing severe pain in the heels. However, during moments of rest, the plantar fascia would tighten causing the pain to lessen or reduce considerably. When the person tries to walk after considerable rest, the plantar would stretch again, causing severe pain in the heels.

Major symptoms of plantar fasciitis

In case, you have been experiencing severe pain in the inner side of the heels, chances are higher you would be suffering from plantar fasciitis. If you have been experiencing severe pain in the heel during initial steps in the morning, you would definitely be suffering from plantar fasciitis. Due to the feet warming up throughout the day, the pain would relieve and plantar fasciitis would stretch gradually. Moreover, people suffering from plantar fasciitis may have trouble in climbing stairs due to pain in the foot.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis

In a majority of cases, non-surgical treatments could help you to eliminate the problem. The nature and duration of the entire treatment would depend on the severity of the problem. The treatment for problème de faciite plantaire would initiate immediately when the problem occurs. It would help you eliminate the problem in least possible time.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the initial stage of the treatment would be inclusive of loads of rest. However, you would be required to rest after routine activity of applying ice to the affected areas. You would also be given some moderate stretching and anti-inflammatory medications providing relief from heightened pain. You may also be recommended to wear night splints. It would help you maintain the tissues stretched gently all through the night intending to provide relief from pain.