Are e-cigarettes a safe alternative to regular cigarettes?

An e-cigarette emits vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine. It is operated by battery, and the user inhales the vapor. The experience is similar to regular smoking without the use of smoke.

In 2004 e-cigarette first came to the market from China. Now, it is taken by millions of people around the world. In 2016, you can find around 3,2 per cent adults using e-cigarettes.

US teenagers are adopting smoking through vaping. It is seen that around 900 per cent rise in e-smokers from 2011 to 2015 in between high school goers in the US. The same is happening in Canada. Around 40 per cent of the vapers had never smoked in any form before using the device.

E-cigs can be hazardous for a growing body. It might help in giving up smoking, but in fact, 40 per cent of young people have started to vape, not for the sake of replacing tobacco.

In 2016, FDA intervened and bought in some restrictions for e-smokers.

Facts on e-cigarettes

  • E-cigarettes are almost the same as regular smoking, but there is no burning of tobacco.
  • The marketing starts with a motive to reduce or quit smoking, and some people find it helpful.
  • Many types of research show that they have a harmful impact on one’s health.
  • Health authorities of different countries have started discouraging and finding new ways to discourage young people to start e-cigarettes or using them.

Benefits of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes have bypassed many risks related to tobacco smoking. This has provided a new alternative to smoke cigarettes compared to other ways nicotine is taken.

In some studies, it has been found that people who smoke can quit smoking tobacco using e-cigarettes. They have proven to be potential for the people who want to cut down cigarettes.

Some studies concluded that e-cigarettes are going to benefit smokers who are not pregnant, but they have to quit any other form of tobacco or nicotine intake.

As e-cigarettes don’t need to burn tar, so they carry very less potential for causing cancer in a smoker.

Risks linked with e-cigarettes

  • Nicotine is a harmful and addictive substance. It can change the adolescent brain structure.
  • In an e-cigarette, there are solvents, toxicants and flavorings, which can be potentially harmful to a person’s health.
  • There are other chemicals which get exposed to the lungs, which might cause popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is an irreversible disease.

But e-cigarettes are also available without nicotine in them. They are safe to be taken. Smokers can save themselves from getting cancer if they smoke e-cigarettes, which is also good news. You can buy vapes online and save you from the disasters that regular tobaccos bring to your life.