A long night’s work in bed…

Do you want to have a special night with your partner? Here’s what you do to have affection, fireworks and deep intimacy all rolled into one perfect night.

You’re about to take a weekend break with your partner, and you’re mulling over the idea of spending an entire night awake with them, talking, making love and having a great time. But what does it take to have a night of long sex? Let’s find out.

Night long sex? Is that for real?

It’s true that most couples simply fall asleep after sex. The act is designed to release a clutch of endorphins into the bloodstream, so your stress levels are reduced. Meanwhile, men release the hormone prolactin during orgasm, which relaxes them and makes them sleepy.

But there are ways to prolong your connection with each other, and to stay up night with long sex sessions and lots of pillow talk. It’s not just something you see in the movies, it can happen in your own life as well. What’s more, the result is pure magic. Question is, are you up for it?

How to have long sex…and what to remember

* Know your partner well.

Let’s start you off by noting that you can have a night of passionate, loving sex when you know your partner quite well. It requires a fair degree of intimacy and seeing each other ‘as you are’ without hiding your true selves from each other. In fact, it’s more enjoyable to have a night of long sex when you know your partner well but not well enough that you feel that you know every single detail about them.

* It cannot be forced.

It’s great if it happens on its own. Such a night is going to be interspersed with a lot of talking, holding hands, getting affectionate, touching and using your hands and tongue, intimate eye contact, whispering to each other, getting aroused many times a night, and so on. But it all needs to happen organically, without compulsions or performance anxiety.

* You will need a lot of condoms of the right type.

We suggest investing in extra time performance condoms from a leading brand. The extra time condom, as the name suggests, prolongs orgasm for him. Thus, both of you get more time to explore your pleasure with each other. Your long sex encounter acquires a deeper, special meaning. Make sure to use a fresh condom for a new act every single time.

* Be respectful.

You may know your partner for a while, or the relationship might still be a relatively new one. There may be a couple of things you want to try in bed with your partner. But do not spring a sudden move on your partner without discussing it first – being respectful towards your partner is the first step towards love. Ask them if they’re okay trying what you have in mind. If they are hesitant or unsure about it, don’t force the issue.