A Guide to Making the Transition to a Gluten Free Life

There are literally millions of people who suffer an allergic reaction to gluten, and for anyone that has just been diagnosed, they might be thinking their life is all but over, yet in actual fact, living without gluten has never been easier. Of course, with so many people who are gluten intolerant, the world in general has become more aware of the need for some of us to avoid gluten in our diet, and perhaps more importantly, there are online suppliers of gluten free products that enable a coeliac disease sufferer to lead a perfectly normal life.

Join an Online Community

This is the very first thing a newly diagnosed sufferer of coeliac disease should do, and by talking to other people who have been living a gluten free life for a long time, they will soon realise it really is no big deal. Of course, one has to adopt a new routine, and always be aware of foods that might contain gluten, especially when eating out, but it doesn’t take long before you slip into a new routine.

Focus on the Positive

Of course, you will have to analyse your diet to identify foods that contain gluten, but rather than focusing on those, think about the many foods that are naturally gluten free that you can still eat to your heart’s content.

Research the Subject

You aren’t the first person to learn to live a gluten free life, and by reading about how others handled it, you might get some good ideas and also some good advice on how to begin the transition. There are many informative websites that are dedicated to helping people with coeliac disease, and others that supply gluten free products, which allow sufferers to lead a normal life, and with a wide range of ingredients, you can still enjoy your favourite breads and pastries.

Remove All Gluten Products from your Home

This is a very good idea, as it will help you to get into a new frame of mind, and you would have to do some online research to establish exactly what is and isn’t gluten free. If there are other people in the home who are not allergic to gluten, you might want to allocate a special cupboard where they can store things that contain gluten, and that way, you will not be exposed to these products.

Plan your Meals in Advance

This is good advice, and with many websites offering free diet planners, you can easily plan a gluten free diet. If you happen to have any friends who are also allergic to gluten, it would be an idea to visit them and make it known that you too, are a sufferer of coeliac disease.

Online resources will definitely help you to research your GF options, and with many other people who are in the same boat, you can make new friends by joining a GF community.