5 Common Sex Problems and How to Overcome Them

Sex is among the things that we can’t live without; that is a fact. However, we are experiencing a lot of problems with our sex lives. The problems can be physical, mental, and emotional and they affect relationships badly.
Also, sex problems are inevitable. Nearly all the couples will face a sex issue during their relationship, especially as they grow older.

Also, we are too busy and too exhausted for sex. Our modern society makes us work long hours to obtain the life we want. However, while gaining more things with this permanent stress, we lose things like our sex drive.

Sex problems affect everyone. Sometimes the problems are simple and require simple solutions like just communication. However, some problems are really big and need professional help to save the whole relationship.
We have collected the top 5 common sex problems and how to solve or overcome them. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Intimacy Problems:

The first period of any relationship is always full of emotions. After a while, these emotions begin to decrease. If the couple does not work things out and communicate, there will be a serious lack of emotional intimacy that leads to serious problems. Things like the way both partners interact with each other, respect, trust, and care represent emotional intimacy.

When there is a lack of emotional intimacy, it affects the sex as both partners will not be interested in having sex with each other.

Emotional intimacy appears when there is a problem in communication between the partners. It is essential to create a deep bond that can handle any kind of problems to keep a good level of emotional intimacy.

The solution is simple. Start working things out by spending more time together knowing about each and figuring out more about what each one loves or hates. Talk more about your sex life as part of your life together and your intimacy level. It is all about communication.

2. Lack of Libido:

Libido or sex drive is among the top things that get affected by stress and exhaustion. Stress is the best way to describe our world. We spend more time at work than at homes with our partners and lovers. Imagine that you are going home late after a long day at work; would you think about sex or about the bed? You will not be in the mood for love; you will be in the mood for rest.

Stress leads to some physical factors that even make it worse to have sex such as decrease arousal, erectile dysfunction, and decreased elasticity of the tissues of the vagina. All these factors will lead to bad or even painful sexual intercourse; this will be a huge turn-off adding more stress to your life.

If your sex drive has been low for more than 6 months, you should consider getting your hormones checked by paying a visit to your doctor. If the problem is hormonal, you should start looking for the best hormonal therapy for your condition. If not, start looking for a therapist who can get both you and your partner from this frustration.
Also, start looking for the best tips to elevate your libido level. Things like regular exercises, healthy diet, reduction of your stress and anxiety levels, and quitting smoking and alcohol can help you to get your sex drive back.

3. Sex & Pain:

About 30% of women around the world have experienced pain during sexual intercourse; that is a fact. This type of pain is called dyspareunia and it is not just about the physical pain; it also may have serious psychological problems.
Here are some types of dyspareunia.

• Vaginismus:

This describes the contraction of the vaginal muscles. It is involuntary and has a psychological effect on women especially when they are about to have penetrative sex.

• Vaginal Dryness:

There are a number of factors that may lead to vaginal dryness including anxiety, certain medications, overall dryness, and other factors. 30% of women experience vaginal dryness during and after menopause.

• Vaginal Infections:

The most common symptoms of vaginal infections include itching, redness, and burning sensations. Some infections can be transferred sexually so it is preferred not to have sex until the infection is treated.

Vaginismus needs a sex therapist. Vaginal dryness can be treated easily by using a lubricant or by increasing the time of foreplay and focusing on what makes vagina wet.
Once you feel any kind of vaginal symptoms such as itching or burning sensation, you should visit a doctor immediately.

4. Erectile Dysfunction:

The inability to sustain a good erection for sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. It happens when your man’s sex drive decreases, when his penis does not respond to sexual stimulation, or when he becomes uninterested in sex due to exhaustion, intimacy, poor sexual performance, or unsatisfying body image.
Things like smoking, too much alcohol drinking, hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems may be reasons too.

There are many solutions for erectile dysfunction including medications such as Viagra, Tadalafil, and Cialis. Also, changes in the lifestyle such as regular exercising, eating healthy foods, quitting smoking and drinking, and lowering your stress level can help you to improve over time.

5. Premature Ejaculation:

About 30% of men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation and its consequences. It adds what we can call performance anxiety to sex. It is a common problem and all your man needs is your support.
Pay a visit to a doctor and get it solved especially if you have been together for a while.

• The Conclusion:

Sex is magical. It is one of the most intense pleasures we have. No matter the problems we may have, we still need to have sex.

Statically, it is terrifying to see the increasing number of people having sex problems. Try to relax for a while and enjoy your life. Modern life is killing us and we are not aware of it.
I mentioned medications (Tadalafil and Cialis) while talking about erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for the best solution for ED, give them a try.

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Have great sex.