4 Reasons To Fall In Love With Boot Camp This Winter

Winter cannot interfere with your fitness schedule unless you let it. You might’ve gained some weight over the winter thus far – that’s totally normal – and you need to shed your holiday pounds, but there are other reasons why you should join a boot camp this winter.

Keeps You Warm Longer

Your body requires some time to readjust or adapt to the icy air weather, but there’s only so much a hot shower can do to keep you warm throughout the day before you need to take matters into your own hands. Exercises generate energy and keep your blood pumping, hence keeping you warm long even after you take off your trainers. You can go an extra mile to saving electricity on heaters by warming up naturally through exercises like bootcamp. Moreover, the rise in body temperature during workouts has a calming and soothing effect on your body, unlike heating your body with a heater.

Say Bye To The Sweaty Mess

The cool atmosphere in Toronto creates an excellent environment for you to try a new boot camp this winter because, unlike the summer, you aren’t competing with the ambient heat from outside. Yes, winter’s chill can actually be a benefit, as you are less likely to sweat even after working out for extended periods, giving you the luxury to control the number of layers you’re wearing during the workout. It’s not like during the summer where you’re practically forced to strip down to shorts and a sports bra (or shirtless, if you’re a dude), which can get uncomfortable real quick. Also working out in hot and humid weather is extremely taxing on the body – it’s just way easier and more comfortable picking up the boot camp habit in the winter.

Avoid Winter Weight Gain

During winter, you get into a kind of natural routine of eating and drinking a little more than usual, in the name of keeping warm. It becomes a habit once the satisfaction kicks in and most people start becoming a hibernating bear. Heard of the “winter gain period?” This is it. One can put up to thirteen pounds on in just two months. It’s a good thing boot camp was practically created solely as a way to whip people into shape, with a ferocious mix of cardio and muscle work. Also, you get to shed your holiday pounds even before lumping some more in the winter.

Beat The Winter Blues

It’s pretty normal get gloomy during winter, and you may be even start experiencing SAD (seasonal affective disorder). You could take up a pay-as-you-go gym class in Toronto during the winter to help curb SAD, as not only do you get endorphins running when you go to boot camp, but you get to socialize with people as well.

Cold seasons tend to keep you indoors, at home, which puts you at a higher risk for attracting the winter blues, but with boot camp classes, you get to hit the gym, kick the boredom, feel better and warm up naturally.