Why You Should Choose Betterhelp

Online therapy has become vastly popular in recent years. People with mental issues especially teenagers can reach out to professional help with the anonymity of the internet and without worrying about the stigma that revolves around mental disorders. Today, a lot of companies provide online therapy, but the most prominent name that is heard repeatedly is Betterhelp. This online therapy website has received millions of positive reviews from netizens and experts among which the review from e-counseling.com is mentionable. If you are not convinced about using Betterhelp service then here are some reasons as to why you should choose Betterhelp for your treatment.

Wide Communication Options

Online therapy is done by using the online modes of communication such as emails and text chat rooms. Video conferences is necessary for the treatment of mental issues as it allows visual clues. Body language and facial expressions can help the therapist determine your subconscious feelings. Betterhelp employs all the communication options and in addition to that, therapy through phone calls is now available at Betterhelp which was previously unavailable.

Experienced Therapists

All online therapy websites ensure that only the best and experienced mental health therapist work under them. These therapists are well-trained in their respective field and   have a licensed certificate. However, online therapy requires more knowledge and experience than face-to-face therapy as ignoring even the smallest clue about the patient can delay the cure and render the treatment ineffective. Betterhelp ensures that all its therapist have at least a few thousand hours of experience before assigning them to patients.

The Cost of Betterhelp Therapy

Online therapy is less expensive as compared to traditional therapy and more people can afford it. In this regard Betterhelp is extremely well priced. The cost of therapy ranges from $35 to $65 weekly which is a lot cheaper than in-office therapy that costs about $400 per month. In addition, Betterhelp also provides a week long free trial so that people can test the service before paying for it.

Betterhelp is Effective

If we consider the online reviews then it is obvious that Betterhelp is effective. According to the online testimonials of more than 10,000 people whohave utilized Betterhelp, almost all of them found cure for their mental issues. After successful treatment by Betterhelp therapists, these people returned to living their lives normally and found new motivation in their studies, career and relationships.