Is it true that vaping is better than smoking tobacco cigarettes?

Most of the recent studies keep focusing on the fact that vaping is far better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. As the PHE or the Public Health England stated with proof that e-cigarettes are 95% safer and also healthier than smoking and when the Cancer Research UK supported vaping, since then vaping has gained enough momentum. In the year 2016, electronic cigarettes assisted 50 people in a day to quit smoking. Isn’t that a big deal? Nevertheless, there is always a constant debate among the regulatory bodies and media which questions whether or not vaping is safer than smoking.

Before you get excited and take to vaping, it is important to read the reviews here. Before choosing a new product that you’re going to buy at the cost of your dollars, it is important to go through the reviews so that you get to know about the customer feedback. Read on to know more on why electronic cigarettes are considered safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Cancer Research UK vouches for e-cigarettes

We all are acquainted with the fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes can cause cancer and this is the only reason why such products are frowned upon by the whole world. Cigarettes are addictive due to the nicotine and it is indeed tough to break free of this addiction since it’s rather challenging.

While there are several smokers who manage to get over this addiction by switching to electronic cigarettes. This specific method of overcoming and reducing the addiction towards nicotine is supported by the Cancer Research UK and they henceforth state that electronic cigarettes help in quitting smoking.

The Cancer Research UK has adopted a balanced approach regarding these products called e-cigarettes and they cite that such products are useful enough as they help people in smoking and this goes a long way in reducing the risk of cancer that is associated with the usage of tobacco products.

Are e-cigarettes healthier and safer than smoking?

Based on what the experts have found out so far, yes, they are healthier and safer than smoking. Till now, vaping hasn’t been related to any grave health hazards whereas tobacco smoking has always been associated with too many health hazards like cancer and heart diseases. Hence, it’s worth the switch.

Therefore, whenever you’re planning to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones, keep in mind the health benefits that the latter offers.